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Life-history evolution of coexisting Drosophila species in a heterogeneous environment

Panama Supervisors:
  • Jan G. Sevenster
  • Paul M. Brakefield
  • Bas Zwaan
Duration 4 years.
Fieldwork in Panama
Granted by WOTRO .

Project outline

Evolutionary biologists have only just begun to relate variation in the life-history of organisms to properties of the environment and the communities in which they live. We will study Drosophila communities from a number of different habitats in central Panama in order to combine an ultimate understanding of phenotypic life-history variation in the field with a rigorous mechanistic understanding of the genetics that underlie it. Our study involves both among and within species variation, and therefore we expect to be able to gain insights about the evolutionary time scales at which genetic correlations and other types of constraints/trade-offs are relevant, and to assess to what extent genetical correlations pose barriers to ecological optimization. We will also use our data to evaluate theory on the relationship between life-history variation and community structure in heterogeneous environments, aiming at an explanation of community-level patterns from the traits that natural selection is shaping

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