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Biological Geometric Morphometrics

Geometric morphometrics is a suit of multivariate techniques for the analysis of coordinate based shape data. Unfortunately, the lack of biological realism in the statistics dominated field make it unrealistic to address certain biological questions, especially if the input data violates the requirement of isotopic error distribution for the alignment procedure, like in the case of localized allometric relationships that affect only part of the shape.

This issue was addressed in :

  • Kim van der Linde & David Houle (2009). Inferring the nature of allometry from geometric data. Evolutionary Biology: 36(3): 311-322.

    Wings and CPReader are for the management of he large number of fly wings we process. BioMorpho is a simple software program for the alignment and visualization of datasets based on all or a subset of the landmark points.
    Wings is used for the semi-automated processing of wing images and the extraction of the data in the form of clamped B-splines. Wing images are collected together with two basic points at the base of the wing. The program works only under windows due to the dependency of a windows executable file.
    Drosophila wing with landmark and outline pseudolandmarks superinposed
    CPReader processes the cp-files containing the clamped B-spline data generated by Wings.
    BioMorpho provides a easy interface for the alignment and visualization of datasets in which a subset of the landmarks is used for the alignment of the complete dataset.
    Geometrics Package
    Basic geometrics package, used for Wings, CPReader and SubSetAnalyzer. Please contact me if you are interested in using this package.