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Download executable JAR file (unzip, and double click after saving to run it)


BioMorpho provides an easy interface for the alignment and visualization of datasets in which a subset of the landmarks is used for the alignment of the complete dataset.

Geometric morphometrics is a suit of multivariate techniques for the analysis of coordinate based shape data. Unfortunately, the lack of biological realism in the statistics dominated field make it unrealistic to address certain biological questions, especially if the input data violates the requirement of isotopic error distribution for the alignment procedure, like in the case of localized allometric relationships that affect only part of the shape. This issue was addressed in :

  • Kim van der Linde & David Houle (2009). Inferring the nature of allometry from geometric data. Evolutionary Biology. In press.


    1. Select the data file. BioMorpho will automatically align the data using all landmarks (raw data at the left, aligned data at the right).
    2. Select the landmarks to be excluded from the landmark list at the right. Excluded landmarks are indicated in red.
    3. Re-align the data using the remaining landmarks (all-landmark-aligned data at the left, subset-aligned data at the right).
    4. Save the data.