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Over de Christmas and New Year break from 2004-2005, wings has made a big jump forward with making a start in eliminating the depedencies to various external non-java helper applications.

Essential requirements

  • Windows machine (because of dependencies on external programs.
  • D-disk (Unfortunately, Wingsio.exe uses a specific file (D:\morpho\WingAnalysis\parameters.txt), hardcoded as located on the d-disk ).

Using Wings

  • First time:
    1. Download wings.
    2. Store in target directory.
    3. Download Wings_additional.zip.
    4. Extract content to the same directory as wings.jar.
    5. Create shortcut to wings.jar file on the desktop.
    6. Double click shortcut.
    7. A preferences dialog will popup to request locations of the helper applications:
      • wingsio.exe can be found in the same directory as wings.jar (note for Houle lab users: this is a modified file specific for wings! Please do not select a wingsio.exe copy at an other location!)
    8. After this, wings will run.
  • Updating:
    1. Download newer version of wings and replace older version.
    2. When the older version is below the valid versions indicated for Wings_additional.zip, download this file also and extract at target directory replacing the older files.

Download area

Wings.jar version 2.03
Wings_additional.zip for version 2.00 and higher:
contains two jar files for imaging (not standard included in java) and modified wingsio.exe that runs with the Wings program.


Version control

  • Version 3.06 (July 12, 2006)
    • Fix bug in ScrollableImagePane resulting in unexpected crash when using magnified images.
    • Enabled usage of *.cp1 files. These files have two additional control points in the outline spline.
    • Fixed bug in corrected *.x.cp files (manual coordinates were not rescaled ).
    • Fixed bug in ImportSplineDir (lifted requirement that versions of single individual are loaded in order)
    • Program now remebers last working location
    • Edit module now has key input for undo (Ctrl-Z), next (arrow right) and previous (arrow left), and gives current image out of how many (e.g. 2/30) at the beginning of the title.
  • Version 3.05 (June 14, 2006)
    • Improved Edit header by including Mahalanobis Distance and whether the individual was caught red-handed by the Landmark outlier detection, the Outline outlier detection, or both.
    • Readded manual outlier edting.
  • Version 3.04 (June 13, 2006)
    • Added check whether all images are splined and warns if not.
  • Version 3.03 (June 6, 2006)
    • Made reprocessing of old datasets (before large/small images) possible.
  • Version 3.00-3.02 (May, 2006)
    • Complete overhaul in architecture.
    • Incorperated spline edit capability.
    • Internal alignment module.
    • Internal spline correction module.
    • CP-file based datastorage.
  • Version 2.11 (May 16, 2005)
    • Build in control for directory and file names with spaces, wingsio.exe does not eat those and returns prematurely. The rest of the program can deal with them, so you can still open such directories for any step beyond that.
    • Made this page available from the program, under the menu bar item "Help".
    • Added an external landmarkdefinition file, selected trough the preferences dialog.
  • Version 2.10 (April 25-May 2, 2005)
    • Changed some aspects of the internal landmark registration, no external functionality change.
    • Adding Spline Math capability
    • Solved a bug with the new resplining module, data was not stored between steps.
  • Version 2.09 (March 30, 2005)
    • Added file reduction option, under tools in the menubar.
  • Version 2.08 (March 8, 2005)
    • Several bug fixes, mainly with respline and reject options in the TiffViewer module.
  • Version 2.07 (February 22, 2005)
    • Added reset option for parameter values.
    • Added respline option in TiffViewer, open additional frame with option.
  • Version 2.06 (February 7, 2005)
    • TiffViewer now shows original and splined image.
    • Fixed magnification bug in TiffViewer.
    • Added option to jump towards a specific image.
  • Version 2.05 (February 1, 2005)
    • Enabled selection of *.cp0 files from different directories than the working directory.
    • Solved exit bug.
  • Version 2.04 (January 25, 2005)
    • Replaced ambigious warning dialog for explicite version.
    • Made button functionality status dependent (buttons for impossible steps are disfunctionalised).
    • Solved bug
  • Version 2.03 (January 19, 2005)
    • Added a JAVA-based TiffViewer which eliminates the need for an external viewer.
  • Version 2.02 (January 17, 2005)
    • Minor update for better performance.
  • Version 2.01 (January 10, 2005)
    • Functionalised the menu bar.
    • Enabled editing of the preferences at all times through the menubar.
  • Version 2.00 (January 3, 2005)
    • Many changes in the architecture to accomodate elimination of external helper applications such as ACDsee, TPSdig and TPSregr.
    • Improved debugging interface. Selection of single individual, and displaying all intermediate images together with original image and final result. (Eliminated usage of ACDsee here.)
    • Added preferences dialog when the properties file (wings.properties) can not be found at the default location. After selecting the locations of the helper files, those will be loaded every session.

  • Version 1.18 (December 10, 2004)
    • Bug fix.
  • Version 1.17 (December 6, 2004)
    • Solved multiple *.asc file problem by popping up a fileChooser dialog in that case.
    • Implemented Individual status for each individual and solved some related issues.
    • Solved start image bug with ACDsee (was default 1000, now indicated start number).
    • Added debug utility in which a single individual needs to be selected.
    • Rejections done during ACDSee check are now correctly handled.
  • Version 1.16 (December 1, 2004)
    • Fixed *.cp0 file adding problem. Now you can make a new *.cp0 file and use it immediatly without restarting.
  • Version 1.15 (November 29, 2004)
    • Fixed bug in right and left wing handeling.
  • Version before 1.15 undocumented, development versions