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Intraspecific variation in development time and starvation resistance in Filipino Drosophila.

November 1994 till March 1995.

We investigated the effect of local selection on two life-history traits, development time and starvation resistance. The collections of the Drosophila were made in four habitats, ranging from grassland to secondary forest, on a short transect of about 15 kilometres. The microclimatic and vegetation differences between these habitats were large enough to expect local selection. For development time, the differences between the habitats selected for similar responses and the overall pattern over all species was significantly similar. However, there was no correlation between the habitat ranking based on disturbance and canopy cover, and the ranking of the development times. Local selection did not seem to have an effect on the starvation resistances.

Institute for Evolutionary and Ecological Sciences , Section Animal Ecology .
Supervisior: Jan G. Sevenster .

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