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Identification of unknown Drosophilidae of the Philippines.

September 15 till October 15, 1994.

During my research on the interaction between landuse and biodiversity, I encountered that a considerable number of species was unknown for the Philippines. Only recently, a complete list of all known Drosophila species found in the Philippines was published (Baltazer, 1991). The Drosophila richness in the Oriental region is very large, and therefore, the number of potential species is also very large. Taxonomy is not our field of research, so we found it necessary to consult a Drosophila specialist of this region.

The expectation was that most species would be known from other countries in the Oriental region, but this showed to be totally wrong. Twenty-five species were added to the list ; seven were already known from other countries in the Oriental region, while the other 18 were new to science. The results will be written down in an article of Ms. Leah Ruiz, M.Sc. (University of the Philippines), Prof. Dr. Masanori J. Toda. ( Hokkaido University ) and me. It will be titled: "The Frugivorious Drosophilidae of the Philippines: Species, Distribution and Ecology."

Most frugivorious Drosophilidae species of the Philippines belong to the following four genera: Scaptodrosophila , Drosophila , Zaprionus and Phorticella .

Institute for Low Temperature Science , Hokkaido University , Sapporo, Japan.
Prof. Dr. M.J. Toda.
Travel and housing costs of this research were financed by the NISSAN Fellowship Program.