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Deforestation and sustainable development (Sierra Madre, North-Eastern Luzon, Philippines)

December 1992 till August 1993.
Map of the Philippines.

This study was part of a larger research project concerned with the possible uses of the logged-over or residual forest of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Northeast Luzon in the Philippines. The aim of the larger research project was to formulate a regional environmental management plan. This project took place over a number of years and is carried out by Dutch and Filipino students within the framework of the Cagayan Valley Programme for Environment and Development (CVPED) which is a co-operation between the College of Forestry of Isabela State University (ISU) and the Centre of Environmental Science (CML) of Leiden University (RUL). The aim of the first research team was to give a basic concept for the regional environmental management plan. This concept is used elaborately by successive research teams.

The interdisciplinary research group was composed of seven Dutch and eight Filipinos. Interdisciplinary research was the one of the central themes in the group. There is no single discipline that can formulate answers for this kind of complex questions, although many researcher still think this. The goal of the team was to get an overview of the problem of deforestation and sustainable development. My mono-disciplinary part of the research in this was concerned with the relation between biodiversity and land-use .

Center of Environmental Sciences (CML)
Gerard A. Persoon (CML/NL), Wouter T. de Groot (CML/NL), Gerhard M. van der Top (CML/Fil) and Mercy Masipiqueña (ISU/Fil)